Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One of Those Nerds Who Names Their Cars

When I got my Ford Sienna mini-van, I jokingly tweeted that I was unsure if I would name it the Millennium Falcon or Serenity.

Well, half-jokingly.

As I've become more comfortable driving the Sienna I've come to start thinking of it as my car. My wife seems fine with this, since she still likes driving the Prius. Since it's my car, I've added a few personalizations here and there. I never minded much when Annette put election bumper stickers on the Prius, but I think she probably takes issue (if only a bit) with my choices of flair:

I recently attempted to stick another identifying emblem on my windshield:
However, it appears too cold for that now; the first time I started the windshield defroster, the decal peeled away from the glass. Maybe next spring...

Even so, I've been trying to think of a Firefly-related name for the mini-van for quite some time. I didn't want to go with the obvious "Firefly" or "Serenity". I tried the names of various crew members and settled worlds of the Firefly 'verse, but nothing really clicked. The closest I ever got was a brief flirtation with naming my ride "The Tam", since that encompasses two of the main characters who are also arguably the driving force behind the story of the Firefly crew as we know it. But that name still never felt quite right.

Sometimes, inspiration hits when you least expect it. I wasn't even thinking about my naming problem this morning as I got ready for work, but the moment I stepped out of the shower, one word entered my consciousness and took firm root there. It was, in my opinion, the perfect name for my Sienna mini-van that also pays tribute to one of my favorite TV shows.

I am now the pilot of "Siennity".