Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BLT With Chips--I Mean, AS Chips

Before I set out for my semi-usual lunchtime tromp through the woods surrounding my office, I decided to grab a tasty beverage for the trek. At the beverage vending machine, I contemplated for a moment and squinted at the bottom row to read the necessary numbers to punch in--but who am I kidding? I've had so much Coca-Cola from that specific purveyor of sugar water that I know without even looking: E1, E2, or E3 will summon forth the desired soft drink.

Turning to leave the kitchen area, something in the snack machine caught my eye. Surprisingly, it was in the upper half of the machine, in the rows reserved for chips and chiplike selections. I almost never opt for chips when I cave in to my snack cravings, but this particular bag looked like something I hadn't seen before. It was a bag of Lay's potato chips, boasting a flavor I wasn't even aware existed in chip form: "Classic BLT".

I enjoy a nice BLT very much. Even more so these days, since I've lightened up on my distaste for tomatoes. (A manager at the Bakers Square where I used to wait tables always made fun of my "BLs".) So these chips piqued my interest. I went back to my cubicle for 90 cents, purchased the chips, and put them on my desk for later.

While I took my walk and read for an hour, I forgot all about the chips. But just a short while ago when I returned, there was the bag with its picture of a fairly tasty-looking BLT. Even though it's a little early for my afternoon snack, I decided to give the chips a try.

My first crunch into the chip surprised me. It did, in fact, taste like a BLT! I don't know that I could discern the specific components: bacon, tomato--I'm not even sure how I would pick up on a lettuce taste in a chip. But was that a hint of mayo? Hm.

A few chips later, I wondered if it really did taste like a BLT, or if it tasted like I expected it to taste. I do think there was a little sensory bias involved, since the photo of an actual BLT was right on the bag. Had someone given me the chip to taste without telling me the advertised flavor, would I have guessed BLT? I don't think so. I would probably have struggled to pinpoint what I was tasting, even as I was enjoying the taste. Then when that person said, "BLT," I probably would have thunk a moment and then admitted, "Yeah, I think that's it!"

It's probably more accurate to say that the chips evoke a BLT. Any closer to an actual BLT taste, and I'd probably just be left hungry for a BLT (which, honestly, I probably won't make for myself).

So, my verdict on Lay's Classic BLT chips: tasty. I don't think I'll get them every time I see them, and I can't tell if eating them with an actual BLT would be redundant and diminish the experience. But I can definitely see picking these up, along with good old E3, and munching happily away every now and then.