Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Color Me Embarrassed

There's a show on Cartoon Network called Steven Universe. My kids love it, and my daughter even likes to make up new characters for it. She created a new Crystal Gem named Aquamarine.

She wanted me to draw Aquamarine for her, based on her MS-Paint design. I did, and then I brought it to work so I could scan it into a file she could color and edit at home. At home that afternoon, I realized I had LEFT MY CARTOON DRAWING IN THE SCANNER/COPIER. Oh, well--I supposed there would be a few puzzled people who saw it on the counter of the printer room.

The next morning I checked the counter and the copier, but it wasn't in either place. I guessed that I actually did bring it home; I just forgot about it.

Late in the day, I found it tacked on the bulletin board right next to the kitchen. So EVERYBODY saw it. At least nobody saw me take it down and sneak it into my bag, and it never had my name on it. But COME ON, co-workers--anytime anything else is left in the copier, it's always put on the counter. WHY NOT THIS TIME?

Anyway, that's how I died of mortification.