Thursday, April 17, 2014

Unreal Estate

I have a huge case of domicile envy.

Last night, I was feeling both a little antsy and a little sluggish, so I decided to take another nightwalk. I crossed the street into some neighborhoods where I've never been, despite living here for almost 6 years. What a difference a street makes.

Only a few minutes away from my home, the houses get big. Like, money big. It's pretty apparent where all of the luxury cars and SUVs are coming from now. I saw a lot of houses that I'd love to live in, and a lot more that I could never even dream of being able to afford.

One particular house stood out: there was a part of the house that was bigger than my entire house, then three garage doors, then even more house. I bet they think of me as living on the poor side of the street.

I have to be honest: every time a car passed, I imagined they were slowing down to size me up and determine if they should call the police on the hobo walking on their sidewalks.

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