Saturday, March 1, 2014

Freed from the Desk

Something I've thought about lately is how I am one out of four people in this household without a laptop.

I purposely avoided getting myself a laptop (more correctly: a notebook computer; laptops will fry one's lap and any important adjacent bits) the last time I replaced my computer. I still wanted a desktop with components I could swap out in in the future and something that was beefy enough, videologically speaking, to handle most current games and graphics programs.

But I have noticed that while I sit and watch a DVRed program or Netflix or HBO GO, I'm often on my phone, looking up tidbits of information or tweeting random thoughts to the world--or at least, the hundred-and-thirty-odd people that claim to follow me. So I considered getting a fairly basic laptop of my own. This wouldn't be something to replace my home desktop, since I'm still probably 3 years away from upgrading that. Rather, I thought I could make good use of a fairly inexpensive, not-all-that-robust laptop for basic writing, Internet surfing, and tweeting. I could even still use most of my desktop's programs simply by installing TeamViewer and tunneling into my PC from across the room.

Today while shopping at Best Buy for something else, I saw that they had "Laptop Bundles" which merited a closer look. For a bit over $300, I ended up with an HP laptop that supposedly has a Pentium processor--although, I didn't look too closely into what generation. It also has Windows 8, an operating system I wasn't all that keen on investigating. (After half a day, I can give it a solid "meh." It's not horrible, but I see no point in it over Windows 7--an OS I have become used to and can even admit was a good replacement for Window XP.)

At any rate, I now have a laptop that can catch my even more random thoughts whilst watching TV and movies, since I won't have to battle my phone's texting keyboard to do so. If you're interested, tonight's selection is "The Holiday". I don't know that I can identify what grabs me so much about this film, but it does. Perhaps insights into my personality will slip out into the Internet while I watch it.

For that, I probably apologize.

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