Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DirecTV and Twitter Spam

Sunday's viewing of the return of Sherlock on PBS was marred by my digital cable repeatedly glitching. Annoyed, I took to Twitter to briefly vent. This triggered some oily DirecTV salesperson to try to pitch me on their service. I find this entirely inappropriate, regardless of the fact that I tweeted in public about my frustration with their competition.

A few companies have figured out how to use social media, most are still fumbling about, but DirecTV has it completely wrong. And with attitudes such as the one displayed by their salespeople, I will never even consider switching to DirecTV.

(In case the embedding above doesn't work or DirecTV gets tweetdelete happy, here's the conversation: )

And to cap it all off, some keyword spambot chimes in at the end. I really hate some aspects of life on the Internet.

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