Monday, May 27, 2013

Back In Touch

October, huh?  That's my last blog entry: October?

To tell the truth, that's not a surprise. With my blog on the home page to which my browser opens, and that BLT chip post staring at me for so long, I sense the accusing finger waggle of time every day. I feel like I'm the King of Broken Blog Promises. The King of Broken Blogmises. The Broken Kingblog. Whatever.

At least I've been keeping a few notes here and there about potential blog entries. So there's a bit of material; now I just need to commit to writing at least a little bit, a few times a week.

Another area I need to work on is the world of social media. A while back, I pretty much wiped out my Facebook account. I kept only a few ties to my immediate family and cut everyone else loose. I think I'm going to try to reconnect with some old friends and maybe some extended family members and be a little more engaged.

Don't get me wrong: I still hate Facebook with a passion. It's a poorly designed piece of dren, and I'm certain it will still frustrate me by hiding posts and refusing to learn just what chronological order is. But I'm going to try to push that frustration way down deep where the bile lives and pretend I'm a happy Facebooker just like the rest of you. Caveat: I will burn your farm to the ground and salt the earth so that naught may ever grow there again if you invite me to see it. (Is the farm game still even a thing?)

I don't know in how much depth I'm going to actually post on Facebook. Usually, what I put there now are links I want to share with specific family members. The bulk of interesting links I find, photos I take, and blog entries I write are going to be over in Google+ land. I realize nobody else in the world other than myself and 7 other people actually uses Google+, but I like it a whole lot more than Facebook. I also realize most people aren't going to go the extra step of clicking to a completely different site, but it will be there if anybody feels like poking around.

Unless this is the entirety of my renewed commitment to maintaining an on-line presence, and all of a sudden it's Thanksgiving and this post is still at the top of my home page. But even if that's the case, I'm still pretty active on Twitter, where I crack myself up on a daily basis and give businesses that have wronged me a piece of my mind to a degree that would put Grampa Simpson to shame.

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